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Tech Specs
Mercedes 4Matic (All Wheel Drive)
Nokkian Winter Tires in Winter
9 Speed Sequential Gearbox
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Refrigerated Cooler

Premium Sedan – Mercedes E Class 
Seats 3 comfortably

With abundant wood trim, expansive sunroof, and powerful 4-valve-per-cylinder engine, the new E-Class offers an unrivaled combination of performance and luxury. The 10th generation E-Class takes on a new shape that’s roomier inside, sleeker outside and stronger all over. Our commitment to keep our executive fleet current with best vehicle safety features on the market is clearly evident in our new 2017 E-class. Book a ride today!

Tech Specs
Mercedes 4Matic (All Wheel Drive)
Nokian Winter Tires in Winter
7 Speed Sequential Gearbox
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Refrigerated cooler

Mercedes S550 
Premium Sedan
Seats 3 comfortably

Since the 1970s, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has represented the pinnacle of automotive excellence and a benchmark for the rest of the automotive landscape. One could even argue that Mercedes has led the way from the very beginning, when company founder Karl Benz invented the car.

Today, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan is every bit the benchmark that their illustrious forebears were, boasting an unparalleled blend of engineering, technology and luxury that permeates everything from the suspension to the stereo. This is a car that can essentially drive itself in stop-and-go traffic while giving you a hot stone massage and automatically adjusting the suspension to counteract bumps in the road before you drive over them.

There are only a handful of new Mercedes S Class sedans in Colorado and Eight Black is proud to include this amazing vehicle in its capable fleet.


Tech Specs

3.5 liter Twin Turbo charged direct injection EcoBoost V6
34-gallon fuel tank
Traction Control and AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™
Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist
Cargo Capacity: 130 cubic feet
Fitted with Thule Ski box in winter, adds 16 cu ft of cargo space
First Aid Kit
2 Fire Extinguishers
Refrigerated Cooler
WiFi Enabled

Navigator L
Large SUV
Seats up to 7

The Lincoln Navigator is one of the most reliable black car SUVs on the market, and one that you’ll always see as part of the Eight Black fleet.

Black SUVs like the Navigator are iconic for black car service. Not only does it carry a well-deserved reputation as a discrete vehicle for transportation, it’s features are what make it invaluable to us as Colorado operators: a powerful engine and plenty of safety features give us confidence wherever we’re going, no matter the conditions.

The only Denver based 4x4 Sprinter

Tech Specs

Model 170
Turbo 4-cylinder BlueTec Diesel
Nokian Winter tires in Winter
Premium Passenger Seating for 10 people (can be expanded to 14)
Cargo/Ski Area which can accommodate 20+ bags (as well as skis/boards)
Twin Network WiFi System
Premium Sound System
Ability To Stream Netflix or Amazon Prime via wifi
110v Power Outlets throughout
High Speed USB Charging Ports throughout
2x Refrigerated Coolers
3x Fire Extinguishers
Comprehensive First Aid Kit
Cargo Retention Safety System

Mercedes Sprinter
Executive Van
Seats 11 in Winter (14 in Summer) comfortably

Tech Specs

Metris WAV – Metris with second row 2-place removable seat and 1 wheelchair position with Easy Flex fold flat ramp and 2 third row Tip-and-Fold seats
Nokian Winter Tires In Winter
110v Power Outlets throughout
High Speed USB Charging Ports throughout
1 x Refrigerated Cooler
3x Fire Extinguishers
Comprehensive First Aid Kit

Mercedes Metris
Mobility Vehicle
Seats 4 plus 1 Wheelchair passenger, or 6 passengers in standard van configuration.

We are the only operator in Colorado to have the brand new Mercedes Metris WAV – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. With its Easy Flex fold flat ramp, and 4 additional seats, its easy to see why the Metris is the most luxurious, comfortable and above all, safest mobility vehicle on the market. Add the Eight Black philosophy to the Metris and you have the complete package.

The Metris can be booked as a full mobility transport (which includes 1 person in a wheelchair and up to 4 passengers) or it can be booked as a regular passenger van, which can accommodate 6 people plus luggage. To enquire about rates, please call our booking hotline on +1.720.316.6822

Luxury Sedan – Bentley Continental – Seats 3 comfortably

The Bentley Continental – Why Not Ride In A Super Car.
The sharp, sophisticated silhouette of the Flying Spur hints at both the exhilarating, all-wheel drive power that lies beneath the bonnet and the unrivalled luxury within.

The Flying Spur is built around the power of a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged powerplant. It delivers its surge of acceleration with smart fuel efficiency, thanks to its Variable Displacement System. This W12 engine delivers a fearsome 616 bhp [625 PS] and a maximum torque of 800 Nm, effortlessly propelling both driver and passengers from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds, [0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds] to a top speed of 199 mph [320 km/h].

This is a car that is truly unmatched. Beautiful workmanship, engineering beyond reproach and in a class all on its own. Now its within your reach. Book your Bentley experience today.

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Premium Electric SUV – Tesla Model X – Seats 5 comfortably

Tech Specs

  • 90 kWh Battery
  • Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Trunk Capacity: 13 cubic feet
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Refrigerated Cooler
  • WiFi Enabled

Need something that holds 30 people or more?

Call our 24-hour car service hotline at (720) 316-6822 for a quote or request more information online.

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8 Reasons to Choose Eight Black Cars

1. Late Model, Immaculate Cars

The average age of our fleet is just nine months, and we have a zero-compromise policy when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety. All Eight Black cars are washed and thoroughly inspected daily to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort. We change oil every 5000 miles (no matter what a computer tells us) and tires are rotated every 5,000 miles. No exceptions.

2. All-Wheel Drive

In keeping with our focus on safety, we don’t believe in two-wheel drive vehicles in Colorado, especially during the cold and wet winter months. All of our vehicles are all-wheel drive for ideal traction and handling. In fact, we can confidently claim that we are the only Denver based operator who operates a true 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Executive Van.

3. Winter Tires 

During the winter every vehicle that Eight Black operates is fitted with Bridgestone’s Blizzak Winter Tires. We believe that these tires provide the best winter traction possible. We’re not prepared to take any chances in cold weather.

4. Driver Training

All operational staff undergo rigorous Defensive Driving Training with specific instruction on winter and summer driving techniques, vehicle recovery, skid control, the use of ABS and traction control and safe loading. We focus on a drivers mental attitude as much as their practical ability behind the wheel of a high-performance sedan or SUV.

First-Aid-Safety5. Safety

All vehicles carry onboard First Aid Kits as well as Fire Extinguishers. Drivers must re-certify in First Aid annually (Adult CPR/AED, Pediatric CPR and First Aid)

6. Ceramic Tint

We outfit all of our vehicles with the latest in ceramic tint. This type of tint provides the highest quality of tinting, without metal, dye, or carbon. Instead, this film utilizes many special ceramic particles that are both non-conductive and non-metallic.

Ceramic film has only recently appeared on the market, but has already proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability. Ceramic window-tinting film cuts from 45% to 50% of the solar heat that enters through the windows in the form of infrared light, while allowing maximum visibility both by day and night.

Like carbon film, ceramic window-tinting film allows maximum efficiency in the functioning of radios, cell phones, GPS systems, and all other such devices being operated from inside the protected space. It surpasses other types in its resistance to glare and fading, and renders windows highly shatter-proof.

Ceramic film is most effective at blocking ultraviolet light; in the case of ultraviolet light (the kind of light rays that contribute to sunburn and skin cancer), ceramic window-tinting film can block up to 99% from entering the interior of the car.

7. Drinks Are On UsLivery-and-Drinks

They say at altitude, it’s important to keep hydrated. And Colorado has over 200 breweries. So it seems a shame then not to sample some of their product while you’re visiting. All our cars come equipped with refrigerated coolers and are fully stocked with local beer and wine. And of course as much bottled water as you need.

Regular clients know that we will always have their favorite drink onboard (alcoholic or not).

So sit back, relax, enjoy the ride and have a drink on us.

8. TechnologyTechnology

We don’t believe in using technology for technology’s sake. That’s why we took our time to decide on what reservation and online booking system we should deploy. We chose a cloud based solution that powers more than 4500 ground transportation companies around the world.

We believe a car service should be easy to deal with. The online process should be seamless and easy to navigate. You should be able to store your preferred credit cards on file and also look up any past reservations. Companies should be able to set up profiles for each staff member.

If you request a quote online, you should be able to book that trip from directly within the email.

In the car, all our drivers use 2 smart phones. On completely separate cell networks for redundancy. The dispatch system automatically updates drivers on flight delays, plus we use a 3rd party flight tracking app as additional back up. We don’t take chances with being late for pick ups.

From a back office perspective, we have GPS modules fitted to all our vehicles. This means we can tell you where any of our cars and drivers are at any point in time. We monitor speed, driving behavior, fuel consumption and the GPS platform also alerts us to any service or warranty issues that may have arisen.

So let us worry about the tech. You can book with confidence, knowing that we have the systems in place to ensure a seamless ride from start to finish.

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